Saturday, October 30, 2010

Picture Post

Warning: lots and lots of pics follow.

At the raceway in Vegas last weekend
a need for speed! (notice Tawny isn't paying attention AT ALL to where she is going? That was how it went pretty much the whole time. She crashed a lot)

Carving PumpkinsEwww!Since they can't carve themselves, they drew faces with markers and then we cut them out. After that they got to paint their pumpkins. They loved it!Clint's BirthdayHalloween day at schoolI made Tawny's costume this year. The entire thing was made out of upcycled clothing (except the trim and button) It turned out pretty cute
In case you can't tell, he's holding a fire hose and spraying out a fire
At the costume parade at Brayden's school. I was so glad they let Tawny participate.
The treats I made for Brayden's party. The pics are here at Brayden insistence. He thought they were pretty dang cool

Somehow I didn't take any pics of Ethan during this whole week. I'll make sure to take some this weekend. He's getting so big and is such a cutie!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I took Ethan to his 2 month checkup. He was 14lbs 9 oz and 23.5" long. He's quite the chubby little boy! He's really starting to come alive. He smiles all the time and is starting to laugh. He'll also try to copy faces that we make.

Brayden is doing really well in school. They've placed him at a 2nd grade 6 month reading level, so he's working at a different level than the other kids in his class. His teacher is really great about challenging him without making him feel completely separated from the rest of the class. This last week he has started reading books to the class during reading time. He thinks that is pretty awesome.

Tawny is loving her dance class. She comes home and teaches what she learned that day to Brayden. She is also loves being the big kid at home during the day. She helps me with everything and has a smile on her face while doing it.

We went to Las Vegas this weekend to go to the temple and to visit family. We got the kids winter clothes shopping done. We also went and raced go-carts. They even had little mini go-carts that Brayden and Tawny were able to drive my themselves. It was so much fun! We all could have stayed there all day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Did you know?...

...that Tawny has a "bi-skittle"? It's true. No matter how many times I correct her she will not say bicycle. Not that I really mind. It's pretty cute!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We got our tickets (not from the policeman) and went to the fair on Friday. They kids had a blast. They rode rides straight from 5 until 10:30. And they only quit them because I made them leave. I was too tired to stay any longer.
Ethan's eight weeks old and getting bigger everyday. We love having in our home and can't imagine life without him.
Don't shoot!
His tongue is out most of the day.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Can I Have a Ticket Please?

So there's a little carnival this weekend in Blythe and we've talked to the kids about going, and they're super excited. This morning I told Tawny we were going to go buy tickets in a little bit so we can go on the rides (they're cheaper if you buy them ahead of time). So I was out walking this morning with Tawny and Ethan in the stroller. Up ahead there was a policeman who had just pulled someone over. As we walk by the policeman Tawny yells something out. Thinking that she's talking to me, I stop to ask what she wants. So she repeats it again. "Mr Policeman? Can my mommy have a ticket? We're going to the fair and need to get a ticket to go on all the really cool rides. Please?" Me and "Mr Policeman" both about dies laughing. Luckily he did not give me a ticket. I think I'd prefer to get my tickets elsewhere. I think I laughed the entire way home.What a great way to start the morning!