Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cheerleading and Footballl

Man I'm behind in my blogging! About a month ago Tawny did the cheer clinic with the PVHS cheerleaders. They hold workshops all week where they teach them the cheers and mostly just have fun. At the varsity game on Friday she got to cheer on the field for the whole first quarter. I've never seen her smile so much in my life, and that's saying something 'cause she's a pretty smiley girl. She got to play with the megaphone and pom poms before the game.

she was looking for her daddy and papa.Once the games started she was very focused on getting the movements right. I was surprised at how well she actually knew the cheers.
She got to be on the box for part of the time.This is in the stands after she was done. Right after this picture she said she couldn't stop smiling even if she wanted to.Ethan with daddy at the game. It's a good thing we live somewhere that's warm because he HATES anything on his arms. He spent most of the game trying to pull the jacket off.

Brayden is playing flag football this year and is really enjoying it. He ended up on a team with a lot of his friends and is doing pretty well. At the beginning of the season he was a little slow to get into the game. Not out of fear, but because he was analyzing everything for too long before he would decide what to do. Half the time the play was over before he'd really even move. But the last few games he doing really well. They moved him from the line to defensive back and that's been a great spot for him. He even got a few flags the last game.

Brayden with his best friend Rustie. Love this pic!

I love this one because it looks like Brayden and Adin (the blond boy) are running to give each other hugs. (they're also really good friends)Tawny spends most of the games eating sno cones. Hallie (Rstuie's sister) is a sweetheart and takes Tawny to go get them.
I don't have very many great picture of Brayden. It seems like I'm always sitting in the wrong spot. After one of Brayden's games I took the kids to the park. We had a picnic and played. It was the first time Ethan's been in a swing all summer. It's just too hot. Of course he loved it.