Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting Through the Day

Somehow life is still so busy! I've swamped with work and life in general. Thanks goodness for my kids. They definitely get me through my day. We've all been a little sick, but seem to be getting over it.

(sorry the pics are a little fuzzy. Brayden had been messing with my camera and had changed the settings)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Tawny!

My little baby turned one yesterday! Time has gone by so quickly. We didn't do anything real big because, well, she's only one. But we did let Tawny eat her fill of cake. If she could talk I'm sure she'd say that was the best birthday present ever. Here's two videos of the action.

I love in the first video Brayden's reaction when she tries to share her cake with him. Poor boy! We also had a few presents, mostly so she could open them. They're all clothes because that's what she needs. We moved from the land of eternal crazy hot sunshine to a place that actually has seasons. So in another month or two when it starts getting cold, my children will have very little to wear. Anyways, she enjoyed the presents, particularly the bows. Here's some pics of the festivities:

I love this one!

Once she was done opening everything she spent a while putting everything back in the bag. Overall a great day. I am so glad we were blessed with such a cheerful, fun-loving, beautiful little girl. She has brought so much joy into our home.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Times

Brayden dumped the entire jug of Mr Bubbles into the tub while I had my back turned.
Our little helpers!

I cut my hair. Do I absolutely love it? Not sure. Is it fun for now? Yes!
Playing in the backyard. It's a new concept for Brayden because he's never had one. But he loves it. He'd live out there if I let himWe now have a pool. We're moving up in the world! ;)

Disneyland Pics

Here's our Disneyland trip pics. We all had so much fun. Sorry to the majority of you that don't want to see a million of them. But the grandmas would riot if I didn't put them all up. I guess I could print them off and mail them but that sounds like too much work. So I'll just put them all up here. Thanks for taking us mom. You're the best!

On the big train, his 2nd favorite ride

Lookin' good Grandma!
Too cute for words!
He was too scared to go on the ride (they went too high)
I was so suprised he went anywhere near Mickey. But he loved it!
Break Time!
Brayden sleeping. Winnie the Pooh. This ride was a hit with Brayden and Tawny. Maybe it was all the colors?So cute!

Jungle Safari. She loved the elephants
Blowing kisses on the little Circus Train which was hands down, Brayden's favorite ride. He would have gone on it all day it I let him
Greg met up with us half way through the day.
Brayden waiting so patiently. This doesn't happen very often. It had to be documented.
TeaCups. I wasn't allowed to spin it. Not because of the kids, but because of my mom and Greg. They're wimps!Brayden wasn't so sure about the fireworks...

but Tawny loved them!
Last ride of the night.
I had to get a giant sucker. Brayden agreed.
Overall what a fun day!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm unpacked...Now What?

So just like every other move the first week or so is full of unpacking. There's not time to do much else. Well...we hung our pictures on Saturday which for us is the last thing we do. My boss is out of town this week so I don't really have any work to do. No playgroups. No family. No friends, yet. (I'm not trying to sound pathetic. Just telling it like it is.) What can I do to fill my day? I love my children but I can only play trains and sing "The Wheels on the Bus" for so long. I have to figure something out. Any ideas?