Friday, February 20, 2009

Tagged Twice!

I was tagged a few days ago by BrittanyJo and hadn't got around to it. Then Elaine tagged me on the same tag. So here it goes.

8 Favorite TV Shows (we don't have any tv so we never watch tv. But if I did, this is what I would watch.)
1. Chuck
2. America's Next Best Dance Crew
3. Scrubs
4. Bones
5. House
6. Dancing with The Stars
7. Homes makeover shows (I'm not particular)
8. umm...I'm out of ideas

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Exercised
2. Went to Brayden and Tawny's music class
3. Played the organ at a funeral
4. Had Christian over to play with Brayden
5. Worked and worked and worked....
6. Made Brownies (topped with strawberries...yum!)
7. Had a "date night" with Greg (put the kids to bed early, watched a movie and ate lots of brownies)
8. Cooked dinner

8 Things I am Looking Forward To
1. Buying a Home
2. Having another baby (not quite yet, but we're starting to think about it)
3. The weekend
4. Summer-time (River here I come!)
5. Dove hunting season
6. Down time with my family
7. Making more friends here
8. Fitting into a size 6 again (I'm almost there, but I have a sneaky suspicion #2 is going to derail this one)

8 Favorite Restaurants (in no particular order)
1. Tucano's Brazilian Grille
2. Chilis
3. PF Changs
4. Pizza Hut
5. Lalo's (hole in the wall Mexican food. The best!)
6. Bucca Di Beppo's
7. Angelina's Italian
8. Soul of Mexico

8 Things on my Wish List
1. Lose that last 10 pounds (maybe I should stop making brownies)
2. More hours in the day
3. Unending patience
4. A nice hot bubble bath
5. Completely self-cleaning home (laundry included)
6. Better organizational skills
7. Happy, thoughtful and caring children
8. No crying kids in Nursery (that is NEVER going to happen)

8 People I Tag
This one I am going to fall short on. I'll just leave it as an open invitation. If you feel like doing it, great. If not, great.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mud Lovin' Fool

Saturday was such a beautiful day I spent most of the morning outside playing with the kids. Brayden and Tawny got buckets and shovels for Valentine's Day and they wanted to do some digging. They both loved it.

Tawny loved it eat it...
Brayden just loved shoveling it...

Well, I have a pretty short attention span. I can only watch my kids shovel and eat dirt for so long. (Yes, I did try to stop Tawny from eating the dirt, but gave up. That girl is stubborn!) So I decided it would be more fun if we played with mud instead of dirt. My idea was met with mixed reviews. Tawny absolutely hated it while Brayden thought it was the "most awesomest most coolest thing ever in the whole big world". For those of you that know my kids, that should come as a pretty big shock. Brayden usually hates to be dirty and Tawny has never met a mess she didn't like. Until now. I've found her Achilles heel. Whenever she's bad I'll just threaten her with a little mud. Ha-ha-ha.....

She did like the water so she became our water-fetcher.

All in all, a great day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Turn my Back for a Second...

I had just got the kids ouw of the bath when the phone rang (of course, Murphy's Law). After I hung up this is what I found.

Brayden was jumping on the bed and Tawny was reading on our big bear, both in the buff. I swear I was only gone for a second. They move so fast!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Such Cuties

I don't have any pics today, just cute little things my kids do that make me laugh and make me love them.

  • He came into the bathroom after I showered and said, "you know what? You smell so nice because you you pretty soap that smells like flowers. Daddy smells so bad because he uses stinky boy soap. I'm a boy, but I don't want stinky boy soap. Day smells gross all the time."
  • "Mom, did you know daddy is so big? He has big feet and big legs and a big belly and bottom and big hands....You're not so big. Just you're bottom."
  • He is getting to be so helpful. He helps me unload the dishwasher, fold towels, and is such a big help with his little sister.
  • He is loving primary and doing so well! His teachers tell me every week when I pick him up how smart and obedient he is. (they probably tell all the parents that, but we'll just pretend they don't)


  • She says "Hello" to everything. She'll walk around the house waving and saying "Hello Brayden", "Hello high chair", "Hello trains"... you get the idea. What's so cute is that she is so enthusiastic every time. She says it so loudly and waves really big.
  • She loves to jump, sort of. Her feet never actually leave the ground, but she makes a huge effort.
  • She's developed a new technique to deal with her shyness. Whenever someone she is unfamiliar with looks at her she closes her eyes, and freezes in whatever position she happens to be in. I guess she figures if she doesn't move and is she can't see them, then they can't see her. Brilliant.