Sunday, November 11, 2012


We had Mande and Ian John's family over to decorate Halloween cookies this year. The kids had more fun doing it with a friend and so did I! Ethan's cookies were particularly impressive.

 The next day with did jack o lanterns with my parents. The kids got to design their pumpkin and "help "cut it out.

 Ethan did not love touching the guts.

 Funny faces!

 This year we chose a theme for out family. We are reading Indian and the Cupboard at bedtime so the kids thought it would be fun to all be cowboys and indians. So the boys were cowboys and the girls were indians. I made all the costumes and thought they turned out pretty good. Tawny's was the most challenging because she insisted that she had to be an indian princess with a tutu. It turned out okay. They wore them all day and didn't want to take them off for bed so I'd say they liked them. Ethan walked around most of the day saying "Yee-ha cowboy" and he loved that he matched his big brother.

Miss Maddie

Miss Maddie is 5 months! The time just flies by.  She is such a sweet and happy baby. She rolls over both ways, sleeps through the night (yipee!) and is doing pretty good at sitting up but isn't quite there yet. We started her on solids on her 5 month mark. She was super happy to be in the high chair.

She wasn't as happy once I started feeding her. She really did not enjoy her first real food. It's been a few weeks and she is actually enjoying it now. I love her faces!

Just a cute picture of a cute girl

Football- Bruins and Yellow Jackets

Brayden's playing football for the second year and he really got into the gain this year. He plays on the offensive and defensive and is doing really well. Tawny loves cheering ad watching her brother. All the time I hear her telling someone nearby about the good thing her brother just did. It's extra cute when she does this because had little to no knowledge about football.

 He's #6 on the left side of the photo that's keeping the field clear for his receiver.

 Look at that face!

We also really like to go to the high school games. They just enjoy watching and eating snacks. I think maybe the snacks a little more.

Pumpkins Round 1 and the Pumpkin Patch

We let the kids paint pumpkins this year, which I think they enjoy more than carving since I'm not about to hand them a knife yet. They all obviously had a great time.

 This is Ethan's final creation. He was very proud of his work.

Me and my mom took the kids to a pumpkin patch over in Phoenix. They had so much fun. There were animals to look at, this huge balloon/bouncy thing to jump on, cars to ride, slides, bounce houses, corn mazes, the pumpkin patch and few more things I know I'm missing. I didn't get any pictures in the corn maze but that was probably the most fun part. It was a little hectic keeping track of all the kids, plus pushing Maddie in a stroller the whole way through so there was no time to pull out my camera. But it was so much fun, and a lot longer than I thought. It took us about an hour, which is pretty typical from what I was told.

 My mom was awesome to push the kids around on these. She even got covered in mud from the wheels throwing it up on her.

 I knew I forgot something. They had these little "trains" pulled behind a four-wheeler. It was super cute. I ad to ride with Ethan because he was a little worried at first. That was a little tricky since they definitely weren't adult sized, but we made it work.

 Say Cheese!
 By the time we made it to the pumpkin patch we had been there over 6 hours and Ethan was filthy. Look at that face! You can definitely tell he had fun.
 Brayden  helped Ethan put the wagon back we used to carry the pumpkins. Could they be any cuter?