Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flagstaff Part 2

A few weeks ago I took the kids back up to Flagstaff for the entire week. We had so much fun. My grandma took us for ice cream, which of course was Tawn'y favorite part of the whole trip. We also went down to the train station and watched trains go by. Brayden couldn't get enough of the trains.
Tawny's reaction to the passing trains. She didn't exactly love it.
Waiting for the next train This is how close he wanted to be when the trains went by, and he couldn't understand why I said no.
I also made aprons for my kids and Brayden wants to show Grandma and Grandpa Hebdon. He wanted us to drive up to see them "really quick", which I'm sure they wouldn't mind. But we'll have to settle for a photo for now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!

Tawny turned two yesterday! I love this little girl so much. Where do I start? Here's just a few things that I just love:

  • She loves to be called princess, to the point where she'll correct you if you call her anything else. ("I not sweetheart. I princess.")
  • She is perpetually happy and sunny. She truly has a joyful disposition. It's so hard to feel down when you're around that all the time
  • She loves to eat. A girl after my own heart.
  • She is outgoing, warm and friendly, almost to a fault. A few weeks ago she walked up to a bum outside of Albertsons, said, "Don't be sad. I like you" and gave him a hug. Not only that, but she gave him her candy I had just bought her. Did I really want her hugging such a dirty man? Absolutely not. But her ability to love everyone is truly inspirational. I hope that is a quality she never loses. (and yes, I gave her a bath the second we got home.)
  • She is such a girly girl; dresses, jewelry, purses, she loves it all. The shinier the better. Anytime I let her pick her own clothes, she picks a dress.
  • She is so adventurous and will try just about everything.
  • She gives the best hugs, which she calls "squeezie hugs". She also loves to give Eskimo kisses (rub noses together)

I could keep going all day. Happy Birthday Tawny. We all love you!

My mom took so many pictures and I had a hard time just picking a few, so this will be a little picture heavy.

Ready to open presents

I wasn't sure she'd know exactly what to do, but I was wrong. No problems here

She had a perpetual smile the entire time. Her face must be sore today ;)

Papa helping feed her new baby. So cute!

Modeling her new accessories

She had to put on her new dress from Grandma Wanda

She loves her tea set!

Birthday cake time. She loved it and spent quite a bit of the day just looking at it.



She was pretty excited about the whole cake thing. We don't eat sweets super often at our house, so it was really a treat for her.

All in all a great day.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

San Diego

We spent a few days in San Diego this week and had so much fun. We spent a day at the beach and the kids loved every second, which was a little surprising. They both usually hate cold water and Brayden 's not the biggest fan of sand. By the late afternoon I had to drag them back to the hotel. They couldn't get enough.

Tawny was fascinated by the seaweedLook at my muscle man!
Best Friends

We spent another day at Sea World. You would think they'd get tired of it, but they're not even close. My brother Clint came with us too. He's 17, lived in Blythe his whole life and has never been to Sea World! It made me doubt my mom's awesomeness (just for a second). How could she have not taken him at some point in the last 17 years? Better late than never I guess. We all had so much fun. I even appeared in a few pictures. Shocking, I know.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gone Fishing

Greg and Brayden were getting ready to go fishing on Saturday. I planned on Tawny staying home with me, but she had different ideas. So long story short we all ended up going last minute. It went better than expected. You know it's a success when you catch a fish and you don't catch any people. I'm infamous in my family for getting a hook somewhere in my own skin. I figured adding two kids to the mix wouldn't help my odds any. What a pleasant surprise!