Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Day

We started Christmas Day upstairs in our room because that is where the fireplace is. We had to hang our stockings by it so Santa could come. Maddie was very confused with the entire day's proceedings. The other kids understood exactly what to do. Ethan was maybe a little too enthusiastic with the present opening. He kept opening other people's presents.

 Daddy got a .223 from the family, as well as a scope, case and tons of ammo. He was pretty excited. He got another rifle from my dad and I got a shotgun from him. I guess it was the year of weaponry for us!
 Ethan loved his sock monkey from Grandma Hebdon. He sleeps with it nearly every night and at nap time.
 We all loved the hats from Grandma and Grandpa Hebdon, except maybe Maddie. I think I might love them the most of all.!
 Maddie and her baby doll.
 The sock monkeys have magnetic hands and feet so Brayden quickly discovered all the interesting places he could hang it.
 After opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa Hebdon and our own presents at our house, we continued the festivities at my parents. Tawny got Grandma Terri a bracelet.

 Clint brought everyone back a gift from Australia. Th boys got matching outfits and Tawny got a purse. I got a really cool boomerang.
 Ethan loved his Chuck adventures toy from Grandma Sharlene. He even smiled for the picture which may have been the only time he did that day.
 Brayden and Tawny with just some of their loot. Spoiled much?

We spent the rest of Christmas shooting, playing games and eating. Most of my brothers had to leave the next day so things got quiet really fast.

Greg and my anniversary was two days after Christmas. We had planned to have my mom watch the kids and go to dinner, but our plans were changed for us. I ended up with an abscessed tooth and had to go out of town to a specialist for a root canal and crown. What a way to spend our anniversary huh? It wasn't all bad. When the dentist found out it was our anniversary, he numbed me just enough to take the pain away and sent me and Greg out for dinner before he did the root canal. I thought that was very kind, especially since he stuck around and didn't even start my root canal until 6:30pm. It was great to spend some alone time with Greg, even considering the circumstances.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

December Part 2

This year Christmas was extra special because all of my brother and their families were able to be here for Christmas. It was fun and so so crazy with so many people around. We played games, and really enjoyed one another's company. Clint got back from his mission and second week of December and my kids loved having their Uncle Clint around for a little while.

We did Christmas cookies and Papa was Ethan's helper this year. Ethan ended up with some very interesting cookies. They were very generously covered in frosting, sprinkles and candy. Some cookies even had three layers of frosting and candy. Papa is such a softie he just couldn't tell him no.

Brayden was much more interested in making silly faces than anything else. I got some pretty good ones.

 Mommy and Tawny hung out on the other side of the table where concentrated on the artistry behind cookie decorating (we ate all the candy before it even made it onto our cookies.) :)
 Grandma let the kids help cut the cookies. She is one brave woman!
 Even Maddie got to participate a little. While I wasn't looking Grandma gave her a little frosting. I think it's safe to say that she really loved it!
 I always intend to take a cute picture of the kids before church, but it never happens. In my defense, Greg has early meetings so I get the kids to church by myself for the most part. And usually we're fine and right on schedule until it's time to leave. Then Maddie poops, Ethan spills, Brayden loses his shoes and we end up rushing at the last minute. So this is the best I got. But they're so cute it doesn't really matter. You'll notice Ethan is missing in the pictures. If I would have panned out you would have seen him throwing a tantrum and rolling aound in the mud because I wouldn't let him run around in the parking lot.

Christmas Eve we had the kids open their pajamas present. This year they got slippers too. As usual, Ethan isn't cooperating, but at least he is in the background this time. Baby steps.

 Earlier that night we attempted to act out the story of Jesus' birth with the grandkids. It was....umm..... interesting. But they enjoyed it and seemed to retain a little of what was taught. Again, baby steps, right?

December Part 1

December was a very busy month, so it may a few posts to get it all here. We started out December with our community Christmas parade. The older three loved ever moment of it. Ethan especially loved the candy. Before I even realized what had happened, he had the wrappers off two suckers and was eating them at the same time. How can you say no to that face?

Maddie wasn't too sure about all the noises and lights, especially the fire trucks, but she never cried. Also, notice the short sleeves. The weather was so nice!
The next weekend the library did a Polar Express day. They had the library set up and decorated like scenes from the movie, people dressed up as bakers, elves, and of course Santa. As they read the story they recreated parts like giving the kids hot chocolate and a cookie and of course getting a silver bell from Santa at the end. The kids all really enjoyed it. Even Ethan sat through the whole thing, which really surprised me.

 (as a side note: see his face in the pic above? A few days before while we were in Joann's he decided to climb a huge wire rack display and he pulled it over on himself. I was right there and deflected most of it, but the very corner of one section caught he forehead and under his nose. It looked pretty bad for a few days. And you should have seen the mess at Joann's!)

What didn't surprise me was his reaction to Santa. That was exactly what I was expecting.

 We also did a lot of other fun things during the first part of December. Tawny gave both of us pedicures
 This year instead of an advent calendar, we had a advent Christmas books. There were 24 Christmas books that were wrapped and stacked in our living room. every day one of the kids unwrapped it and we read it as a family. This is definitely something that will become a family tradition. One night we had hot chocolate, apple cider and beignets upstairs by the fire while we read our Christmas book.
 We walked to school most mornings and enjoy our time outside as a family.  Maddie really loves being outside in the stroller.
 We spent and evening at Mande and Ian's eating and playing Lego Rock Band. It was so fun I've be scouring the internet for some used instruments. It's definitely a game I'd like to have.
 Maddie discovered solid foods and love pretty much everything we given her so far. She especially love oranges, as we found out a Mimi's one morning. We had to make an middle of the night ER visit from Brayden's asthma and went out to breakfast after we got everything under control. I hadn't had time to grab Maddie's food, so she got oranges and oatmeal. I don't think she minded too much.
 This is Brayden on the way home from the previously mentioned ER visit. He was very proud of his pink headphones. Ha-ha. He actually didn't realize they were pink until after I took the picture and told him. He had been up most of the night and was on a few steroids, but was still smiling and having fun. That's the first asthma scare we've had in a while and I hope it's the last. Unfortunately I don't think it will be. I'm so grateful for my mom who made the midnight trek with me. Otherwise I'm not sure how I could have done it. Having family around to help is such a blessing.


I have so much to catch up on I think I"ll do November all in one post. Here it goes.

Tawny and Brayden finished up their football/cheer season. I did a party for our cheer squad at Pizza Hut, and got them these super cute bobble head trophies. Tawny has happy so what more could I ask for?

The rest of November was full of the normal: school, work, the every day things. Greg was very busy in November because of cotton harvest, but he was able to get the entire day for Thanksgiving Day off, which I was very grateful for. 

The day after Thanksgiving we decorated for Christmas. If I'm going to go through all that effort, I want everything to be up as longs as possible. Plus I really love Christmas decorations. The kids love decorating the tree and I think they did a really good job. I love our collection of mismatch, home-made, half broken ornaments. Each one has a story and memory attached to it. It reminds me of all the wonderful Christmases I had as a child and with my family. I hope that tradition provides the same memories for my kids as it does for me. 

 Maddie looking as cute as ever. She's getting older and progressing, but I can't say that she's growing so fast because she's not! She's by far my smallest baby. However, the other day my mom pulled out my growth charts and she's still a little bigger than I was at her age. She still has rolls and chubby legs, she just just petite.
 One of Ethan's favorite things is music. He loves to sing, dance, everything. I tried to capture him in action, but he moves so fast. I love the look of concentration on his face.