Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Friends

These two little kids really love each other. They are absolutely inseparable. Not to say they don't fight. After all, they are brother and sister!
Sorry, but I still don't have any house pictures yet. Believe me when I say it is in no state to be photographed. Instead I'll distract you with pictures of some really cute kids. We took them to the local Bazaar last weekend with their cousin Kadence and they loved every second. Their favorite ride was the bid slide, which isn't pictured because I had to ride down with Tawny.

Ready to work!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Stick a fork in her...

We're official homeowners again! and I must say it feels pretty great. We actually moved in almost 2 weeks ago. I should have made progress on the unpacking, much more than I have, but there have been some pretty extenuating circumstances. First the kids came into contact with a rabid bat and had to be vaccinated. Don't let the word vaccinate trick you into thinking that it's just like any other vaccination. It's eight shots over 28 days, is given in the emergency room and is generally no fun at all. You should see my kids when I pull into the emergency room parking lot. Come to think of it, I think this whole story deserves a post all of its own. Moving on to my other excuses why everything is still in boxes.

Work has been soooooo heavy the last two weeks. We have a new group of clients coming in that are taking up so much time. I worked over 30 hours this week. Now I realize most of the working world works 40 hour weeks, but do they do it from their home while watching two little "angels", moving an entire household, unpacking, cooking, doing laundry (I can only buy so many packs of new underwear), taking their kids to rabies treatments 2x a week, scraping hideous wallpaper off walls in the kitchen and three bathrooms and other various and sundry activities. The blessing and curse of my job is that it is hopelessly entangled with the rest of my life. There is no separation of work life and home life. One minute I'm making bread or doing laundry, and the next minute I'm analyzing CRT models and distributions.

Other items of derailment: my hard drive died a sudden death. One minute it's fine the next it was gone. I didn't even have a chance to recover all my files. It took a full day trip to Phoenix to get it up and running. Primary activity last week and primary program this week. (who was the genius that put those two items so close together? Oh wait, it was me. Way to go genius).

So the icing on my very fabulous cake is that I've been sick. Not just "I'm a little congested but I'm fine" sick, but the "I want to curl up in the corner of my dark closet and die" sick. The only blessing of being sick was that I completely lost my ability to talk and wasn't able to field any work phone calls at all. People had to email me, and for some reason I am able to ignore emails much easier than phone calls.

So if I'm ever able to dig myself out of the pile of boxes and stuff everywhere, I will post some pictures of our new house. And lest I sound ungrateful, I absolutely love the new house. It just works for our family so well. We had so many people come help us move. Thanks to all of you!And my kids are fine. No rabies here. And I didn't actually die from my sickness. I might even be feeling better today. Life is great.