Monday, June 30, 2008

Tom's Farm

This weekend we went to Tom's Farm, which is a farmer's market/amusement park/restaurants/petting zoos. It was so much fun! Brayden really loved the train ride and wanted to go a million times. The weather was great and we all had fun. There was something for everyone.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sharing and Walking

Despite the formula fiasco everything is going really well. We're visiting Greg for a week or two in Corona, which means we're living in a hotel. But it's not too bad. The kids are being great and having so much fun. Not only that, but Tawny is walking. The video isn't too great but still so cute!

Brayden introducing Tawny to a Push Pop. Not exactly what I want her eating, but still so sweet. He shared the entire thing with her.



So we're in the middle of a mini-crisis. Tawny is 10 months old and has been breastfed exclusively. Which wasn't a problem until saturday. I nursed her in the morning, just like normal. But when I went to nurse her again four hours later, nothing. I didn't think much of it. No big deal right? She'll miss one feeding. But a few hours later, still nothing. Somehow I completely dried up in a four hour period. I try to nurse her, but I never let down. Not only that, but they went down a full cup size in a 24 hour period. Out of curiosity, has anyone ever had this happen before? Needless to say, Tawny had to switch to formula.

But apparently she never got the memo. It's day three and she absolutely refuses to drink it. She's probably drank 2 oz of formula since saturday. And I'm pretty sure I'm rounding up. I have tried everything I can think of. Her pediatrician said to not worry, just keep trying and she'll eventually take it. But he's never met a girl as stubborn as Tawny (I wonder where she got that from?) If she even sees a bottle or sippy cup she throws herself on the floor and has a complete meltdown until it's removed from her sight. Just now I gave her straight apple juice in her sippy and she threw it at me. What baby won't drink straight apple juice?

The logical side of me says when she gets thirsty enough she'll drink. But when I watch her in action I realize I'm not dealing with logic. I'm dealing with an angry, stubborn, but very cute baby. Any suggestions?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Greg is still gone for work, but he was able to make it to my brother's reception this weekend. It was so great to see him! The kids really enjoyed having him around too, of course. We're finally back home after all our travels. I've been trying to fill my days with lots of playdates for me and the kids. Yesterday we went over to Colt and Melissa's house and Brayden had so much fun, as you can see by the pics farther down. There's also a video of them playing. Not great, but it's cute. They're jumping off a ledge that is a decent distance above the pool. What is really funny about it is that usually Colt is the daredevil and Brayden is the cautious voice of reason. Not this time. Brayden just ran up to the edge and jumped and high and as far as he could. Colt on the other hand, took a few minutes to warm up to the idea. It was just really funny to see the role reversal.

Anyways, we're still holding out okay with Greg gone. Brayden is going through a little bit of a defiant, independent stage. I think part of it is because Greg is gone, but I think most of it is just because he feels like doing it. Every so often I look at him and I can't figure out what happened to my sweet, calm little boy. Don't get me wrong. For the vast majority of the time he is great. But recently he's started doing things purely because I ask him not to. He's totally testing his boundaries, and I don't like it! He's also re-entered the "why" stage. I thought we had already gone through that one. But this time around seems even worse than the last time. I think it's because he's smart enough now to realize I don't always answer the questions he's asking. But if I did, I would spend my entire day explaining the most random things. As it is, I feel it takes up the vast majority of my time. It's always worse when I am trying to talk to someone else, either in person or on the phone. I guess he wants to have my attention at all times. Lucky me...

Steven dancing with Tawny

Brayden and his cousin Cadence (this was really adorable and went on for some time)
Tawny helping her daddy drive

Brayden and Colt

Best Buds

Such a daredevil (it was much higher than it looks in the pic)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So many pics

We've had so much in Blythe. Here's picture proof:

Picking apples

(this is his "mean" face)

(she's eating sand. Handfuls of it)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vegas Fun

Just a lot of pics, mostly for daddy since he can't be here right now. We love you and miss you!
Cowboy Up!
Tawny would play the piano for hours if we let her. She loves it!
Pool time in the back yard
To the right you see the elusive Grandma Sharlene. This particular species is particularly camera shy. We were lucky to get this shot.
Diving head first!
We took Brayden and Tawny to a local Museum. It went really well, until we got to the dinosaur exhibit. Brayden was a little scared, but trying to be brave. I kinda understand because these dinosaurs were huge. He wanted pics with them, which was fine by me. But right after the pics you see below with the triceratops, someone pushed a button that animated the T-Rex. He moved. He roared. He tried to eat Brayden. And Brayden completely lost it. If fact we didn't really get to finish the museum. There was a huge section on Africa, but he was so afraid the animals were going to come to life and eat him. No amount of explaining from mommy would change his mine. Oh-well. There's always next time.
He's showing his teeth, "just like the scary scary shark"

He loved this giraffe. it was sooo tall!

Sticking his tongue out like the dinosaur

Last shot before he lost it.Digging for bones, but still not too happy.

Brayden wanted a picture by the "icky house" but was too scared to do it alone.

After that we decided to go tot he mall. I bought the kids a few outfits (don't worry Greg, not too much). Brayden wanted to pick out something all by himself. So I let him and here's what he chose. It's a little on the bright side, but not as bad as it could have been. It'll make a great playground outfit. I'll always be able to find him!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Going, Going, Gone....

Greg left on Monday for a work trip. I usually don't mind, but this one is SIX weeks long and he doesn't get to come home even on the weekends. The thought of spending that long with my two kids (who I adore) with no backup almost made me run for the hills. To add to the excitement I have a family wedding in Vegas. A five hour drive. In the car. With my two kids. No one else. Now I know the pioneers walked across the plains. I know my grandpa walked to school uphill both ways in the snow. But I think this is right up there on the list of things I absolutely never want to do.

So, to keep myself from missing Greg and to break up the driving, I decided to come up to Vegas a week early and spend time with my family here. Awesome idea. But I still had to get there somehow. Hmm.... time travel? If only. Here's how the trip went:
  • Five minutes into the drive Brayden asks "Is this Grandma's house? Are we almost there? Where is Vegas? I have to pee!!!!!!" This was repeated on a loop until we got there.
  • Tawny cried the first forty minutes. She wants out. She wants to crawl and play and break things. I'd stop, but we're in the middle of nowhere. I haven't seen any sign of life for over twenty miles. I'm afraid if I stop you all will see my face on the side of a milk carton with the title "Have you seen me" over it.
  • I have no cell reception for 3/4 of the drive. What if I get a flat? How will AAA find me?
  • Someone thought it would be funny to teach Brayden "JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmitt". It wasn't funny. Not even a little bit. If whoever taught him that song is reading this, consider this your warning. I will find you and you will pay.
  • The kids are hungry. I hand Brayden snacks for him and Tawny. He's supposed to hand Tawny hers. Instead he pours the entire thing on her head. "Why?" I ask. Brayden's replies," Hmm... cause I wanted to. And cause now you have to stop and get out and clean them up. Can I get out and play? Just five minutes?" I stopped to clean them up. He didn't play.
  • My boss forgot I was leaving that day, and true to form he had a million important things that had to be done in 5 minutes. Over the five hour period I had 12 voicemails from him (not exaggerating even a little).

Somehow I am alive to tell the story. Do you think I can FedEx my kids back to my house? Or maybe I can have a soundproof barrier installed in my between me and them. I'll check into that tomorrow....

On a serious note, I am really missing Greg. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle all this. And Brayden is seriously acting out. I know he misses his daddy and I'm trying to be extra patient, but he's having a hard time. Which means I'm having an even harder time. We'll all figure it out. I'm sure we'll do some fun stuff with family here in Vegas. I'll keep you all posted!