Saturday, February 7, 2009

Such Cuties

I don't have any pics today, just cute little things my kids do that make me laugh and make me love them.

  • He came into the bathroom after I showered and said, "you know what? You smell so nice because you you pretty soap that smells like flowers. Daddy smells so bad because he uses stinky boy soap. I'm a boy, but I don't want stinky boy soap. Day smells gross all the time."
  • "Mom, did you know daddy is so big? He has big feet and big legs and a big belly and bottom and big hands....You're not so big. Just you're bottom."
  • He is getting to be so helpful. He helps me unload the dishwasher, fold towels, and is such a big help with his little sister.
  • He is loving primary and doing so well! His teachers tell me every week when I pick him up how smart and obedient he is. (they probably tell all the parents that, but we'll just pretend they don't)


  • She says "Hello" to everything. She'll walk around the house waving and saying "Hello Brayden", "Hello high chair", "Hello trains"... you get the idea. What's so cute is that she is so enthusiastic every time. She says it so loudly and waves really big.
  • She loves to jump, sort of. Her feet never actually leave the ground, but she makes a huge effort.
  • She's developed a new technique to deal with her shyness. Whenever someone she is unfamiliar with looks at her she closes her eyes, and freezes in whatever position she happens to be in. I guess she figures if she doesn't move and is she can't see them, then they can't see her. Brilliant.


Melissa said...

So funny! Kids are too honest sometimes :) Sounds like you need to get Greg some new soap!!

Do you think if I closed my eyes and stood perfectly still that my kids wouldn't be able to find me?

Jennifer said...

So cute!