Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Belated 4th

I know it's almost too late to do a July 4th post, but oh well. We had so much fun on Saturday. One of our friends here threw an awesome party at their house right across the street from the fairgrounds (where they do our big fireworks show here.). They had tons of food and great company. For the kids they rented a big waterslide and had glow sticks and fireworks to spare. Brayden love every second of it. Tawny loved the slide and the food, but was not impressed by the fireworks. Oh-well. Can't win them all.
Pre-party and so excited! I made her that little shirt from two bandannas. It turned out much better than I anticipated. I didn't have to rip out a single stitch (that's a huge accomplishment for me)
Brayden and his monster face! He happened to have a red, white and blue swimsuit. Perfect!
Loving the sparklers. He kept asking me if he could light things on fire: grass, sticks, a boy's shirt. Don't worry, we watched our little pyro very closely.
Going down the slide. I know it's small, but the kids have the greatest looks on their faces, especially Brayden who it in the process of eating the slide. Please ignore the white whale holding Tawny.

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Jason and Kristi Ann said...

It is never too late to post pictures of family fun with cute kids involved!