Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Self Esteem Builder

Scene: I'm getting dressed/ready for the day. Brayden is sitting on my bed watching.

Brayden: Mom make sure you put makeup on your face today. It makes you pretty.
Me: Do I need makeup to be pretty?
Brayden: You sure do!
Me: Are you saying I'm ugly?
Brayden: No. Just your face.
Me: *shocked look*
Brayden: I mean, just the inside of your nose is ugly. The rest of your face is mostly pretty.

It's good to know that just my face is ugly. And what do think he meant by "mostly pretty"?


Melissa said...

Just the inside of your nose? That is TOO FUNNY!! :D
Hey, ya wanna come over one of these weekends and go garage sale shopping?? It's finally cooling off :)

Monica said...

thats so funny, i'm so glad Keegan can't articulate himself yet.

Ruth said...

Don't worry Adena. I don't think any of us could be considered to be pretty inside of our nose.

I meant to tell you that at the football game on Friday Brayden was one sweaty boy. His hair was sticking to his head and he was clearly pretty miserable. He very matter-of-factly wondered why they don't just get a big fan to keep us all cool. Sounds like a good idea to me!

Bethanne said...

Dude, my kids say things like that all the time:

Leah: Hey mom, your belly was looking really small but now it is getting bigger again. Are you pregnant again?

Good thing she asks that only a month after giving birth to Griffey.

Clayton and Amber said...

I'm so glad I got on to check your blog. That is too funny and I'm still laughing. :) I remember you from college days and your face is NOT ugly :) so cute! I'm sorry the home buying process is so crazy!! I hated waiting to close...horrible.