Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Friends

These two little kids really love each other. They are absolutely inseparable. Not to say they don't fight. After all, they are brother and sister!
Sorry, but I still don't have any house pictures yet. Believe me when I say it is in no state to be photographed. Instead I'll distract you with pictures of some really cute kids. We took them to the local Bazaar last weekend with their cousin Kadence and they loved every second. Their favorite ride was the bid slide, which isn't pictured because I had to ride down with Tawny.

Ready to work!


Melissa said...

So fun! Your kids are just too cute :)
Are you feeling better now???

Megan and Brandon said...

Let us know a good time to come and see the new place. We can do another long weekend!

Bethanne said...

I love the pics of your kiddos together. Isn't that almost therapeutic?! Hope you're doing better now and enjoying the house (and that things have calmed down a bit)...

Jenie said...

Hi Adena,
This is Bailey. I miss you very much - - we talk about you all the time in Activity Days. It's just not the same without you. I hope you're doing good. It's so good that we have's been fun to keep up with you this way! Tawni and Brayden are too cute! I hope things continue to go good for you guys. You're such a cute family, and I'm not the only one who thinks that! :)Please don't think that I'm a stalker - I found you off of Monica and Josh's blog.