Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ready, Set, Sleep!

We had a busy weekend, mostly working on some projects around the house. Hopefully I'll show you some of those soon. In the afternoon the kids took their boat for a ride instead of taking a nap.

Between all that work and play, the kids were ready for bed by 6:30. And Tawny didn't even make it through one book!


Melissa said...

I admit it... I love times like that when the kids are just exhausted! Too bad I'm usually too tired to actually enjoy it :)

Terry & Elaine Hebdon Family said...

So sweet! I really do love blogging. It keeps us together even when we are so far apart. Thanks for sharing! We love you guys and look forward to seeing you soon. (: I just wish we could be here with you for the summer. But, alas, we have blogging :)