Saturday, June 2, 2012

Madeline Elaine

I'm a little late in posting this, but Madeline Elaine Hebdon was born on 5/22/12 at 8:38pm. She is by far my smallest baby, weighing in at only 7lbs, 2oz and 19 inches long. It was a very quick and painless delivery (only 3 hours start to finish). I am so grateful for epidurals! 

Maddie is absolutely gorgeous and we are loving every minute of her. Brayden and Tawny love having her home. It took Ethan a little while to warm up to her, but he is coming around. When we walked in the front door from the hospital Maddie was crying pretty loudly (she was hungry). Ethan took one look at her and started saying "no mommy no" over and over as he backed up slowly. When he hit the wall, he scooted sideways until he thought he was safe, then made a run for it into the other room. He wouldn't even come in the same room as her for the first 30 minutes. I'm glad he's overcome his initial fear.

Everyone asks who she looks like, but I think all of my kids looked very similar as newborns. I'll have to dig up all my other pictures and do a comparison, but she is definitely ours! And we love her!

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Melissa said...

Congratulations!! Very exciting :)