Saturday, March 16, 2013


Tawny girl is my little princess. She is a prefect mix of girly and tomboy. She'll get all dressed up just to go work on the farm with daddy. She loves pink, nail polish, hair bows and anything that glitters.

She played soccer this year and did really really well. She scored at least two goals every game except one and had a lot of fun. She is definitely aggressive and competitive like her mommy. She was constantly focused on the ball and scoring. I love her determination and focus. I also really love the enthusiasm she brings to everything she does. Now she is playing Tball and is having so much fun. She rotates with a few others playing on first and is doing really well.

Tawny is doing really well at school. We just got her second trimester report card and it was perfect across the board. She was also the Student of the Month in January. She is reading really well and loves reading books with me. Not only is she excelling academically but I am constantly being told by her teacher, office staff, aides, playground supervisors, etc... that is so kind and aware of those around her. She helps cheer up those who are sad, shares treats I send her for lunch, makes a point to play with those playing alone, always listens and obeys the rules.

She also loves her dance class that she takes from Grandma Terri. She recently competed in the studio's dance competition and did really well. She won overall for her age division as well as overall for all the tap routines. She'll get to perform her dance at the fair and at recital. She also will get two trophies, which she is pretty excited about. She loves to perform and is really excited to perform a solo. I'll admit, me and Grandma are pretty excited that she loves to dance as much as we do.

Tawny is also an amazing big sister and helper. If she sees I need help with something she usually will help without me even asking. She loves helping with Maddie, sometimes a little too much. She does dishes, vacuums,  sorts laundry, and pretty much anything else I ask and she almost always does it without whining. She loves to cuddle and spend as much time with me as she can, which of course I love. I pretty much love everything about her.

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