Sunday, April 14, 2013

January/February Catch Up

I always tells myself I won't get behind and then it's April and I haven't posted January events. So this will mostly be pictures and commentary.

We walk to school almost every morning and Maddie really loves it.
 Maddie and Tawny at the John's house. We had an awesome night playing Lego Rock Band.
 Greg had been baling every night for 4-5 days straight and was exhausted and came home to sleep about 6am. Unfortunately my kids are super loud and he's a light sleeper. So I got everyone ready early and we went to Denny's before school. The kids thought it was so much fun! It doesn't take very much to make their day.
 Tawny was Student of the Month in January. We're all so proud of her!
 Maddie in all her cuteness.
 Tawny ready for soccer practice. For some reason she looks so big and grown up in the picture. Where did my little girl go? (On a sidenote, notice the coordinating flowers in her hair for practice. She was insistent that she needed to wear them. She also came home covered from head to toe in mud that day.)
 Tawny at a game. Somehow I didn't get a single picture of Brayden the entire season. In my defense, Greg worked during most of the games, so I was wrangling both little ones. My hands were kinda full.
 Tawny with her two besties, Jade and Ava.
 Ethan sleeping and looking so innocent. He loves that little monkey.
 Brayden got dressed one morning and told me his pants were a little too short. Those are Ethan's!
 Look at that belly!
 Looking cute for school!
 I made this apron for a friend and was seeing if I had the sizing right. Ethan actually really loved it.
 Relaxing with Papa. Again, the belly.
 Playing miniature golf out in Palo Verde. The kids had so much fun!

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