Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"You're Beautiful"

Brayden: "Mommy why is your face wet and so so red? Why?"
me: "Because I'm exercising."
Brayden "Why?"
Me: "Because I want to be skinny."
Brayden: "But you are skinny."
me: "I want to be more skinny."
Brayden: "You don't need to be more skinny. You're already one beautiful."
me: "Maybe I want to be more beautiful."
Brayden: "But you're one beautiful. You don't need to be three beautifuls. One beautiful is perfect."

So today I learned that according to Brayden "beautiful" is a unit of measurement. I also learned that my son thinks I am beautiful and perfect just the way I am. What a sweet little boy. What makes me feel really good is that he hasn't learned how to lie yet, even when it comes to self-preservation. Thanks for the morale boost bud. I love you.


Xavier & Emily said...

That is so darn cute! What a sweet heart!

Melissa said...

He is a sweetheart!! You're a lucky momma :)

Bethanne said...

I loved that! See, Adena, you're beautiful just the way you are! :)