Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun Times

Brayden dumped the entire jug of Mr Bubbles into the tub while I had my back turned.
Our little helpers!

I cut my hair. Do I absolutely love it? Not sure. Is it fun for now? Yes!
Playing in the backyard. It's a new concept for Brayden because he's never had one. But he loves it. He'd live out there if I let himWe now have a pool. We're moving up in the world! ;)


Melissa said...

Look at that yard! And it's cool enough to go outside and play?! I am so jealous! You'll have to post pics of your new home if you get a chance... do you love it??

Bethanne said...

Wow, is that your yard?! Holy smokes! My kids also love to play outside but it is too stinkin' HOT!!!

Cute hair...can you believe I have never had bangs. Ever?