Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Best Boss Ever

So many of you know that I love my job and have a particularly accommodating boss. I work for home and pretty much set my own hours. Recently I've been going into the office on Fridays because the workload has just been too much. But my boss pays for my kids to attend preschool/daycare that day. And it is safe to say I could never pay for a place that nice on my own. It's incredible. But that's not why he's the best boss ever.

So I've had to travel a lot recently for personal reasons. I spent a few weeks in Blythe with my family and right now I'm up in Washington for Greg's brother's wedding. With all the traveling I obviously have been less available for work. My boss has had to work with my schedule, and he's been so understanding. But here's the kicker. To make it easier to work while I travel he bought me a laptop. A very nice one. Keep in mind that he bought me a desktop last year that still works great. He pays for my cell phone, my home phone and my internet. Wow.

Most bosses I know would ask me travel less, to make myself more available. Instead he spent quite a bit of money to accommodate my personal decision to travel. Pretty awesome. Did I mention that on top of it all, I absolutely love my job? You can't go wrong with that kind of combination.

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Melissa said...

That's awesome! You do have a pretty amazing set up with your boss. You're right - most employers wouldn't be so understanding!