Sunday, November 23, 2008

Keeps me Laughing

Brayden is always saying random things that keep me laughing. Here's just a few:

Brayden was asked by someone if he was a sunbeam. In his most indignant voice he says,"No, I am not! I am a Child of GOD!" (last word was screamed at the poor lady. It would have been sweet if he wasn't so angry.)

"Mom, do you know that I am a super crazy Ninga? Well I am. Watch what I can do." *shows me his ninga moves* "Do you know who else is a Ninga? Uncle Clint. But he's just a super ninga. Super crazy ningas can't have red hair." Good to know.

"Is that what you are wearing?" (to me) "It doesn't look so good. The shirt is okay but the pants make your bottom look WAY too big. I think a skirt would look better." I guess I have a budding stylist on my hands 'cause he was right. the skirt did look better.

In nursery he was singing one of the primary songs, "Nephi's Courage". There is a line that says "from the wicked Laban inside the city gates." I liked Brayden's version much better. I was walking down the hallway past the classroom and this is what I heard (through closed doors) "From the wicked GAY MAN inside the city gates", followed by lthe aughter of all the teachers.

Ha, ha, ha....

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Bethanne said...

oh my word. He is so funny. Glad you're writing these'll both appreciate it later!

How's the move planning/going?