Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Christmas Time (picture post)

Tons of cute pics and not much time for words, so here it goes...

First we looked for the perfect tree...look we found it!

Tawny wasn't too into decorating the tree at first...

But she warmed up to it all (she only put one ornament on the
tree, but took it on and off a million times)

Brayden loved it!

So handsome.

Look at that tree!!

Decorating cookies (the beginning)
Loving it.
Concentrating so hard...
Messy, but having so much fun!
So proud of his cookies!
so happy.
The aftermath...
Tawny's cookies. Yummy! (don't worry. nobody ate hers.
They went right into the trash.)Steven and Ashley came up (my brother and his wife)
So did Brian and Kaylyn (another brother and his wife)The next morning Brayden and I decorated a gingerbread house.
Ta-Da! Brayden insisted that we use every single piece of candy,
but it turned out cute.
Completely unrelated, Tawny has learned how to smile on
command. This is what it looks like. What a great smile!
She also loves bananas.


BJO said...

so it looks like you guys were busy. but you must have had a lot of fun. say hi to greg, brayden, tawny, (you), brian & kaylyn, steven & ashley. tawney has a cute smile, i love how you get her to smile like that. the christmas tree was pretty. everthing was cute. you had a load of fun stuff to do. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

So much fun! I love your tree (sniff, sniff). I miss having a real tree, but this is the first year that I haven't had a bad sore throat and stuffy head. So, it's all good :)
I need to do sugar cookies... I hate the mess with the STUPID CARPET FLOORS IN MY DINING ROOM!!! Sorry... it makes me mad that I don't do a lot of cool things like that with the kids because I don't want to deal with the mess.
I was thinking of making another HUGE gingerbread house this year... what do you think? :)

Ferguson Family said...

I didn't know two of your brothers are married now! Looks like it was fun with the cookies