Saturday, January 10, 2009

Home Again

I am back in Blythe. All is right in the world. We moved in on Monday and have been so busy since. Unpacking, working, and catching up with old friends has been great. And have I mentioned the weather? High 60's, low 70's. It so beautiful I could almost cry (if I were the crying type). For those of you in cold country, don't get too jealous. Just wait until July when it's 120. It all averages out.

We ended up not getting the house we wanted with the fabulous kitchen. The owners had some problems with their new house and had to push the availability date back to March. But the one we have works for now.

Yesterday we went up to Vegas. My mom bought tickets for me, Greg, my dad and two brothers to go see The Phantom of the Opera. It was incredible! Not only did she buy the tickets, but she also stayed home to watch my kids. What a great mom. Then this morning we went to the temple and did some sealings for family names. Again, my brother watched my kids so both Greg and I could go. It is so great having family so close. We're on our way home, exhausted, but we had such a great time.


Melissa said...

WOOHOO!! You're back!! We'll have to figure out a time to get together and play :D

Monica, Josh, and Keegan said...

All is right in the world when snow doesn't have to be shoveled and you never have to pay for a sitter.

Bethanne said...

FUN! And, yea, being near family must be SO nice.

And that weather (besides June-July) sounds to die for!

Ashley said...

Hi- It's Ashley (Jeppson) I came across your blog and was so excited to see your darling little family! How exciting that you are back in Blythe - I think my mom mentioned something about you guys moving back. I definitely prefer nice warm winters and hot summers compared to our first winter here in Missouri!