Friday, April 17, 2009


We've all taken turns with the stomach flu this week, so I haven't got around to posting Easter pics yet. And since I'm still not feeling too well, I'll just stick mostly to picture this time around.

It started 2 weeks early @ my Grandma Sharlene's House

What a great basket!
Decorating cookies...
with their cousin Kadence.Tawny mostly decorated herself.Cupcake decorating at Grandma Terri's (Since Brayden is super allergic to eggs, we just stayed away from them.)Having soooo much fun!At least some of us were smiling.Tawny mostly ate.Even Brayden loved themTheir favorite part of their easter baskets from mommy and daddy (sidenote: she still wears them all the time. She cries when I take them off to put her to bed.)
Brayden with his spoils
"Look what I found!"


BJO said...

Those are SUPER cute I would have loved to have been there and see there faces. Greg looked tired in that one pic. love you all so much!!!!!!!

Terry & Elaine Hebdon Family said...

Love your pictures! We have the cutest grandchildren ever! Well, my mom and dad had 9 of the cutest grandchildren too :) They are outgrowing that title to become the most handsome or beautiful grandchildren. Love ya! Wish we were there.

Bethanne said...

Your kids are so cute...and I love Brayden's super cheesy smile; and the fact that Tawny won't take off her sunglasses - girls are all about the accessories!

Clayton and Amber said...

Your kids are growing up! They are so cute...really. I love your hair and loved looking at all those great pictures.