Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tawny came running in yesterday completely naked from the waist down. Here's how the conversation went.

M: Tawny where are your pants?
T: I took them off all by myself. And I bring clean pants and underwear (obviously very proud of her accomplishment)
M: Why did you take your other pants off.
T: They were dirty and wet and covered in pee.
M: Oh, did you have an accident?
T: No, I did it on purpose. (awesome)
M: Why?
T: I was tired of those pants and wanted new ones. So first I go pee then I take the dirty pants off and get new pretty clean ones! (still very proud of the whole thing)
M: But you made a big mess for mommy to clean up.
T: No, I already cleaned it up!
M: How?
T: With lots of water and soap and towels...

I ended the conversation right there to go assess the damage. It was pretty much what you would expect when a two year old cleans up her own mess. Did you know shampoo works great to clean pee out of carpet? But you have to use the ENTIRE bottle. Just ask Tawny.

Completely unrelated, the kids took a bath with their cousin Auger last night and had a pretty great time.


Ruth said...

Oh my goodness. That is too funny!

Melissa said...

Ah... kids are so creative! I never knew that shampoo was so versatile!

Terry & Elaine Hebdon Family said...

I'd like to know what carpet and how the shampoo got cleaned up?????

Katie said...

Oh, that is hilarious. She sounds like a piece of work (in a good way of course :o)