Thursday, September 23, 2010


*Brayden was talking to Tawny as she's pouting for not getting her way.

B: You know Tawny, you don't just get your way all the time. Like, just because you want a pet lion doesn't mean you can have one. It would be dangerous and he could eat your face off.

T: Well, I already have a pet lion. He's name is Freddie and he sleeps in my room with me. He has big mean pointy teeth, but he's nice to me. He's only scared of flies. He likes me cause I keep all the flies away.

B: That's silly. You can't really have a pet lion. They live in zoos. And lions aren't afraid of flies.

T: Well my lion is. And he's not a real lion. He's a pretend one.

B: That doesn't even count.

T: Yes it does.

*dissolves into an argument whether a pretend lion counts or not.*

I loved listening to this conversation for so many reason. Mainly because it perfectly shows both of their personalities. Brayden is super cautious, goes by the rules and has both feet firmly planted in reality. Tawny has an incredible imagination and assumes she is the exception to every rule. They couldn't be more different, yet I love them both more than I could say.
On an unrelated note, Tawny has turned into quite the little mommy. She loves Ethan and is so helpful with everything. She would hold him/play with him all day if he could tolerate it.


Terry & Elaine Hebdon Family said...

so sweet! Brayden sounds a bit like his dad. Gregory was always eager to follow the rules and be obedient. We didn't have very many problems with him, until he was older :) and even then, his problems were quite minimal. We are so proud of him and his family. We love you all. Have a great weekend. We will be thinking of you! You're always in our prayers. Love ya!

Melissa said...

So funny! I love hearing my kids talk about different things! :)

Ruth said...

Your kids are all so cute. Keep those conversations coming ... they always make me laugh (in a good, happy way).