Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ethan: 7 months

Since Ethan's been sick for the last month, he didn't get his checkup until this week. He's almost 24 pounds and he's 28" long. He got four shots and was so brave! He didn't cry at all for the first two. With the second two he fussed, but kept his mouth closed so it was just a muffled "mmmm". It was funny because it sounded like he wanted to cry but was trying to fight it back by keeping his mouth closed. I know that's not what he was really what he was doing but I was able to tease Brayden about Ethan being braver than him. Maybe that will help Brayden not cry the next time he gets shots, but I highly doubt it.

There are so many thing I love about Ethan and so many moments I never want to forget:
  • When he's tired and I rub his head behind his ear, he'll fall asleep instantly
  • He wakes up at 5:00 to eat every morning and doesn't go right back to sleep, but isn't fully awake either. The house is completely quite with no distractions and I get to hold and cuddle him. It's just me and him. It is hands down my favorite part of every day.
  • There is no end to the things that make him smile and laugh. Dogs, people, loud sounds, silly faces, toys, food. Pretty much everything and anything.
  • His hair. Oh, his hair. It sticks up in every direction and there is nothing I can do to get it to stay down.
  • He babbles and "talks" incessantly. Of course his favorite sound combination is "ma-ma-ma". Does he know what it means yet? Probably not. But that doesn't mean I don't light up every time he says it.
  • He's starting to understand certain words. If I say the word "eat" he gets so excited. Greg didn't believe me so the other day I said it in the car. Ethan was in the back all by himself and as soon as I said it, he started kicking and talking and got so excited.
  • He never wakes up crying. Just imagine hearing him babble over the monitor instead of crying. It's the most wonderful sound.

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Tyler said...

Gregory I hope you will get this Happy Birthday wish from snowy Idaho. We got about 3 inches today. Crazy, but good for the soil to have more moisture. Hope you are doing well and we hope you have a great birthday. Give loves to your family for us. It would be great to actually meet them. This blog site helps me feel like I know them a little. Thank your wife for doing it. Love to you, Aunt Sherri and family