Sunday, March 13, 2011

This Week

This week, as always was a busy one. Tawny participated in her first dance competition. She was so excited and had so much fun. The students choreograph and perform their own dance. Since Tawny is only three I helped her a little with the choreography, but I tried really hard to let her have as much input as possible. She did so awesome and was insistent that she was going to win. I tried to explain that she was the very youngest girl competing and might not win, but she was so sure she would win. She ended up being the trophy winner for her age group (Ages 3-5)! That means she gets to perform her dance at the county fair and the year end dance recital. I sure hope she doesn't get stage fright when 200+ people are watching her. I'm guessing she won't. She's a natural born performer. We're so proud of her! Brayden has been playing t-ball for a few weeks now and is really loving it. His coaches are great and try to make sure that everyone get a chance to play every position. Since it's first year t-ball the rules are very basic. Each inning everyone gets a chance to bat, and everyone gets to run all the way to home, ever if they are thrown out (which doesn't have very often). They focus on learning the game, and having good sportsmanship, which I really appreciate.

Brayden really loves being a big brother. I can always count on him to step up and help when it's needed. Today I was super late getting ready for church. Greg as at early meetings, I had forgotten about the time change and found out I had to do singing time about 45 minutes before church started. Fun times. Brayden was so helpful. He fed Ethan his breakfast, got himself dressed, helped Tawny get dressed and packed the diaper bag books, crayons, paper, diapers, extra clothes...everything! (the clothes may not have matched, but oh-well) Then he played with Ethan until it was time to go. What an awesome little boy.
Greg got a new church calling this week. He is the Spanish Group Leader, which is like a branch president with a few less responsibilities. He nervous but very excited about his new calling. I know that he'll do great. He loves the people and I know he'll do everything he can to help the grow in the gospel. I'll get participate some too, which I'm excited about. I'll be the pianist for their sacrament. I guess I need to brush up on my Spanish!

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Melissa said...

Busy indeed! But it's always nice when it's fun stuff keeping you busy :)
I love that pic of Brayden and Ethan! So cute :)