Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last Weekend

There is so much I need to catch up on. We've just been having too much fun! Last weekend two of my brothers and their families came down. So we were all together except for Clint who is still on his mission. There was a very important reason why we were all there. On Sunday my dad was called as the Bishop of our ward. As you can imagine, he is very nervous but I know he will do an incredible job.

It was so great to spend the weekend with family. We packed so much into three days. On friday we hung out in the morning and spend the afternoon at the pool.

The boys played three flies up while the girls watch from the side. The water was seriously freezing! I've been swimming in my pool for a while now, and it's a little cool but completely manageable. We were at my aunt's pool and I swear there ice cubes floating around. It's also possible I'm a pansy about cold water.

We spent the evening in the backyard playing in the sandbox with the kids. I wish I got a picture of the entire sandbox. I'm not sure it can even be called a sandbox. It's huge! I'm not sure exactly how big it is, but I know it's somewhere around 1,700 square feet. And it's full of all kinds of toys. The kids could spend hours out there. Ethan loved eating the sand, but I'm no fun and kept him in the swing instead. He seemed to love that too. What do you think?
We spend Saturday at the river. Again, Ethan loved the sand. The kids buried him and he thought that was pretty fun.Not a lot of context to the pic, I just thought it was funny. (that is root beer, by the way)

This is Jordan, Steven and Ashley's daughter

This is Tyler, Brian and Kaylyn's little boyBrian and Papa

Ethan and daddy sharing lunch

They loved the watermelon!Brayden and papa played frisbeeI went out with the kids on the tube. Brayden took a turn too, but I didn't get any pics with him.

Later that evening after grilling ribs outside. My dad has this killer strong ginger ale he loves and they decided it would be fun to see who could drink theirs the quickest

Surprisingly, Greg won! He really doesn't like carbonation so I didn't expect him to win.
Saturday evening was out in the sandbox again.
Sunday was obviously a very busy day. My dad spent most of the day at the church and all just hung out at my mom's. It was a great but very exhausting weekend. So exhausting that Ethan couldn't even make it though a meal without falling asleep!


BJO said...

The last picture of Ethan is so cute! He has grown alot. I think his haircut makes him look older!! <3

Melissa said...

What a fun weekend! We're looking forward to spending that kind of crazy, busy, fun time with our family in a few weeks :)