Friday, November 11, 2011


There's so much I want to remember about him. At this age he is changing so quickly.

*He's learned to tickle. If we're cuddling in my bed, he pick up my shirt, tickle my belly and do a little fake laugh

*He's my only child that will let me wipe his nose. Yesterday he even brought me a piece of toilet paper. It makes it so much easier!

*His new word this week was "heavy". He applies it to everything he can't push. He walked around the house all morning pushing on things, then telling me they're "heavy" if they don't move. So far the stove, wall, kitchen table, sliding door and the couch are heavy. (When he pushed on me I made sure I moved. I didn't want to be heavy!)

*If he sees someone scratching their arm/leg he'll come over and help.

*He is finally walking!! He'll be 15months in a few days, so it's about time

*He loves the uh-oh game (do something with purpose then look super innocent and say uh-oh!

*When he is irritated, tired, or just doesn't want you looking at him he makes this sound I can't even describe. It's like the annoyed sound an upset teenager would make on a movie. I definitely have to get a video of it because I can't describe it any better.

*He loves to cuddle so much more than any of my other kids. He loves his mommy the best (as he should) but if he's in the right mood he'll cuddle with anyone he knows well. Yesterday he cuddled with Brayden while we were watching a movie. Adorable!

*He loves peek-a-boo

Where are you?

and again....

again! It never gets old (for him or me)

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Elaine said...

He is so sweet! I can't believe how I can tell in the photos that he is growing UP! He looks more toddler-ish than baby-ish. So very fun to see!
Missing you all!