Saturday, November 26, 2011


I meant to write this post earlier in the week, but life got in the way. We have tried all month to help the kids (and ourselves) remember everything we have to be grateful for. This year we decided to do a grateful wreath. The kids helped make it. Every day they would write something they were grateful for and add to the wreath. I wanted to remember each of their lists (in no particular order):

Brayden: bones, showers and baths, floor, school, people to make friend with, Jesus, medicine, markers, straws, clothes, our blessings, Ethan, family, books, candy, games, food, trash cans, church, Wii, computers, beds

Tawny: toys, babies, scissors, church, tape, showers, school clothes, staples, Jesus, Food, cribs, piano, floss and toothbrush, home, pets, couches, church, mommy and daddy, doors, home, brothers

I have so many things to be grateful for I don't even know where to start: a loving husband, wonderful children, my faith in Jesus Christ, our home, health, me and Greg's jobs, family, and so much more!

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