Monday, March 12, 2012

Week In Pictures

I don't have too much time so I'll rely on pictures with captions for this past week

Tawny with Aunt Tawny at her baseball game
Ethan after "eating" yogurt by himself. I'm not sure he ate much of anything
morning reading time
just cute
more cute
We went out to the farm saturday morning to help/watch Papa and Daddy butcher two sheep. Tawny and especially Brayden were super interested in the organs (which was which, what they do, etc). I guess they got an anatomy lesson that day. They also spent tons of time running around/playing on equipment and getting filthy. They were in heaven!

out on the farm

picnic in the backyard on saturday
just one more silly boy. I asked him to smile for a picture and he covered his face instead.

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