Sunday, March 4, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame...

So I'm way behind, but two saturdays ago we had quite the busy day. It started out with two soccer games in the morning. Tawny first, then Brayden. It was their last game of the year and they both did really well all season. The only pic I got is of Brayden trying to watch Tawny play while Ethan mauled him. Pretty typical.
After that we ran home for a quick lunch and uniform change, because that day was also opening ceremonies for baseball. Tawny is playing T-Ball this year and Brayden is playing farm league (coach pitch). Coincidentally, they both ended up on the Dodgers which makes picture of them together even cuter. At opening ceremonies they introduce EVERY SINGLE PLAYER in T-Ball and Farm. with 18 teams total and 12-14 kids on each team, you can imagine that it took a long time. I didn't get a pic of them being introduce but just imagine them grinning ear to ear and feeling super cool. I did manage to snap a quick picture afterward, before Tawny had her game.
Tawny loved her first game. They only hiccup was that she didn't have a matching hair bow. She nearly refused to play, but I promised I'd make her one for her next game so she changed her mind. But she loved hitting and is surprisingly good at fielding the ball. She's definitely aggressive, to the point of knocking her teammates out of the way so she can get the ball. We're working on that.
This is Brayden's first year of coach pitch and I was super surprised with how well he does at batting. I meant to work with him before the season started, but just ran out of time. He doesn't hit it out of the park or anything, but he connects consistently and has even hit a few into the outfield. He's seems to like baseball a little more than soccer.
That night Tawny also had her soccer party, where she got a trophy and was named best defensive player. She had a great coach this year and I"m hoping she'll have him again next year. The party was during the last part of Brayden's game, so no pictures.

Another game, another day. But she's so cute how could I not post it?

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