Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday, Wedding, and family luau

Greg had his 30th birthday this year! I wanted to have a party with friends but it was such a busy week that it just didn't happen. So he had a little family party instead, but I don't think Greg really cared one way or the other. The kids picked out little gifts and made card which he loved.

My Aunt Susan's wedding was the same week so we had a bunch of family visiting for the whole week. Brian and Kaylyn, their kids and Steven, Ashley and Jordan came for a few days during the week too. We all had so much fun but pics of that will follow. Susan's wedding was on Saturday and was beautiful. I was too busy wrangling my kids to get many pictures, but was a really nice ceremony. They had it down by the river and my dad officiated. 

 The following weeks was spring break and Brayden wanted to celebrate by having a party. SO we raided the dollar store. I let the kids pick the theme, the menu, everything. They chose a luau and obviously chose the hats. We ate tons of yummy food and played games as a family way past bedtime. It was a really great night.

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