Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monday with Grandma and Papa

Right after school on Monday we went out to Grandma and Papa's for the rest of the day. We started out by picking peas (which I am still shelling and freezing. so much fun- not really.)  The kids had fun for about 10 minutes then were ready to move onto the next activity. I'm not sure how many they actually picked, but I"m pretty sure they ate every single one of them. After that they played in the water while my mom flood irrigated her yard.

 After that we had a bbq outside. Watching Ethan eat his watermelon with a fork was one of the most entertaining things I've done in quite a while.

 We rounded out the evening with Fun Dips on the hammock with Papa and Grandma. I'm so glad my kids have the opportunity to grow up around at least one set of grandparents. I wish it were possible to have both sides close by.

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