Monday, May 28, 2012

Recital Time

This picture doesn't really fit with the rest but was too cute not to post. Ethan had been eating and apparently was too tired to even get down from the table.
 Last weekend was the kids' recital. Brayden did a tumbling routine to "Can't Touch This". He's all smiles in the pictures, but on stage he was more focused than anything else. I've never seen a kid so determined to nail every one of his skills. And he did! I'm so proud of him. There was only one other first grader in his class. The rest were all 2nd-4th grade and I was a little worried about him keeping up. But he had no problems at all. He is so focused and detail oriented.  A perfectionist just like him mommy. And he loves it, which is the most important of all.

Tawny loves everything about dance. She loves that her grandma is her teacher. She loves class and learning new things. She loves the stage, the performance, the lights, the costumes, everything.  She was so adorable up on stage and she knew her dance really well. And she had so so so much fun.

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