Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fun Fun

This first picture is Tawny's hair for church a few weeks ago. She really love it and insisted I include it on the blog.

Brayden and Ethan got to spend a morning on the tractor with Papa. They had so much fun!

A few weeks ago Tawny did the high school's cheer clinic and she really enjoyed it. They got to cheer with the high school cheerleaders at a football game and I could tell she felt very important down there on the field.

Of course Miss Maddie needed a coordinating outfit.
so cute!
The quality isn't great because I'm zoomed way in at night, but she had so much fun and was so cute out there.

Maddie got a little tired out so she took a nap on the bottom of the bleachers. I have not idea how she even managed it but I was so glad she did. Otherwise we would have had a cranky little girl.

Another hair shot. She asked for a "french braid from the top and bottom that met in the middle". She can be so specific!
One last cute pic to end on. You can see her little lopsided smile here. I love it!

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