Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Silly Kids

There's so much going on that I need to document but I need to take a moment to remembersome of the funny things my kids do on a daily basis.


  • "hocked a loogie" (how the heck do you spell that?) into the cupholder in the car. That's not thing funny part. It's absolutely disgusting. What was funny was his reaction. When I chided him for it, he was completely dumbfounded, as if it was the only logical thing he could have done
  • He's having a hard time understanding the need for a little aggression in football. At his first game he skipped off the field. Skipped. I about died laughing.
  • He spent a half an hour the other day trying to lick his elbow. He swears he did. (pretty positive he didn't)
  • The other night we were eating ice cream and I told Brayden to finish up quickly so we would have time to read (We're reading Indian and the Cupboard as a family). His response? "I'm done. I can eat ice cream anytime but you one read to me once a day!" He walked away from a nearly full bowl of ice cream to read with me. Love my little bookworm!!
  • She named her stuffed dog "Jerrel Princess Hebdon". Sounds good to me.
  • She lost her bottom two teeth and is constantly sticking her tongue through the hole.
  • We were half way through her game today when I looked down the line of cheerleader and realized her shirt was on backwards. When I told her to change it she said she did it on purpose because she likes the back better than the front
  • He put so many sprinkles on his halloween cookies tonight that I couldn't even see the cookie. Just a pile of sprinkles
  • Ethan said prayer by himself the other night. It went something like this "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for mommy, thank you for green suckers and purple popsicles and ring pops and ice cream. thank you for papa. help us sleep good and please give Ethan lots of ice cream with chocolate and sprinkles. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." No lie. I was nearly crying by the end of the prayer from trying to hold in my laughter.
  • At the football game yesterday he kept hiding his hands inside his sleeves and asking "Mommy, where are my hands? I lost my hands!" in a very serious voice. A few second later he'd pop them out of his sleeves say "Oh here they are!" and laugh and laugh. So cute.

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