Sunday, March 9, 2008


I gave Brayden homemade bread, grilled chicken and corn for dinner and after he finished he said, "Thank you for the yummy dinner. It was sooo good!" Maybe he's not going to starve after all!

I realized it has been a few weeks since I posted any pictures of Tawny. She changes so fast! Her hair is growing so fast and if possible she's a little chunkier. I love her big thighs. I think she got them from her mommy. Why are they so cute on her, but not on me? It seems like a double standard if you ask me. Here are the pics....

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Bethanne said...

I think Tawny is absolutely adorable. Seriously, I want to pick her up and just kiss her! She is so dang cute. And the thighs are definitely somethin' else! :)