Saturday, March 8, 2008

What Do I Feed the Poor Kid??

We had the last appointment with the allergist for Brayden this week. At least for the next few months. For those of you who don't know, he went into anaphylactic shock in December when he ate some peanut butter. I also knew he couldn't have eggs in very high doses. But there was something else that was making him sick and I couldn't figure out what it was. Sometimes he would get a rash around his mouth, or tell me his mouth was itchy or even throw up. So we decided to get him tested. We had to go through three rounds of scratch testing, where they scratch his back and put different common allergens into the scratch to see how they react. I only remembered the camera the last day, which he had the mildest and least amount of reactions but you get the idea.

Even though it was such an awful experience, I am glad we did it. We found out he is allergic to A LOT of food, plus quite a few environmental allergies. Here's a list of the worst (our allergist didn't even worry about the mild reactions because he's so young and there were bigger problems to deal with): milk, egg, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. He's also allergic to pretty much all grasses and trees, dust, mold, and pretty much all pets.

So now we need to find out which of the above food is making him sick. We know nuts and eggs, but I think the hidden culprit is the soy, which is in pretty much everything! If you don't believe me, start reading your labels. The allergist recommended cutting out all the above foods for 6-8 weeks,then reintroducing one at time every other week and keeping a journal of his symptoms. Sound like fun doesn't it? It may seem a little dramatic but I have already noticed a difference and it's only been a 5 days.

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly to feed the poor kid. Pretty much everything he likes is off limits. But he is doing so well. He really hasn't fought me on anything, which really surprised me. In fact, I made him some bread today ( nearly all bread from the store has soy) and he asked me if it had soy or eggs before he would eat it. He's already checking up on me. I'm going to have to cook from scratch a lot more often. So if any of you have any recipes with no soy, eggs or milk, please send them my way!


Melissa said...

Adena - that picture makes me want to cry!! :( Poor kiddo!!
My bread recipe is here...
It says it will make two loaves, but I always do three because they seem to stay a little gooey when I only do two. Also, I usually end up adding another cup of flour.
Have you ever been to ?? They have a search engine so you can search for ingredients you want AND the ones you don't...

Bethanne said...

Omigosh, I can't even imagine having to worry about SO much regarding his food...Good luck! And if I find out anything regarding recipes, I'll let you know. Wow.