Sunday, October 12, 2008

...And it's Gone

Well, the snow is here. We woke up this morning to a few inches of snow, and as I write this it is still coming down. My dislike of snow (or anything cold) is pretty well documented. But I don't want my kids to hate it just because they hear mommy talk about how awful it is. So when Brayden looked out the window this morning and said "Mommy come see! Come see!" in the most excited voice possible, I decided to feign excitement. When he declared we HAVE to go play it in, I was right there with him. It can't be that bad right? Especially if you wear warm clothes. It will be fun right? I had almost convinced myself. Until I opened the front door. It is absolutely freezing. But the kids had so much fun. I made what seemed like thousands of snowballs for Brayden to throw at Greg (I still can't fully feel my fingers because I couldn't find my gloves). Even Tawny joined in the fun. So I guess I'm in for a winter of loving snow. Yipee.

At first he wasn't sure about touching it...
...and then jumped right in!

Tawny thought it was great.

After our super fun snow adventure we did pumpkins this morning. We didn't carve them because Brayden and Tawny would watch for a few minutes and then go play. I guess I could give them their own knives, but as Brayden has told me before, I'm "not a very fun mom sometimes". So instead we decided to let the kids decorate the outside with markers, foam stickers, glitter, whatever the creative little hearts desired. It was a success all the way around. The kids loved it and Greg and I didn't have to spend forever cleaning out the pumpkins.

To round it up, here's some pics I've been meaning to post, but just haven't got around it it. These are all less than two weeks old. I can't help but notice that they look a little different than the snowy freezing ones above. I can't quite put my finger on it...

Tawny fed herself yogurt. What was your first hint?

Elaine, do you recognize the coat?


BJO said...

tawny is such a cute little girl. and brayden is very handsome. love you guys have fun in the snow and on halloween. there pumpkins are so cute. love you all don't get to cold.

Melissa said...

I love that you are willing to put aside your disdain of snow for your kids! :) They are pretty darn lucky to have you for a mom! Does it look like the snow is there to stay? Or do you think it will melt off?
Emma opened her clothes and said, "OH! They are so beautiful! Mom - I love purple! How did they know I love purple?" It was so cute. We really need to get a video camera :S I do have some pictures I'm going to post in a few days... gotta let that prop 8 post sit there for awhile... :)


I do recognize that coat - how fun to see it on Brayden! And, the snow, wow, it looks like there is a lot of it, and it sounds like so much fun. I wish we could be there with you. See ya soon!


Hey, Terry recognized the coat too :).
Anthony wants to comment -
I thought that Tawny looks so cute and relaxed and chubby. Brayden is so very cute when he jumped in the snow.