Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Camp-Out

So we stole a great idea from Bethanne and made a fun jar, which is full of random and fun activities to do. Most of them are prety simple (play hide and seek, have a water fight, play with playdo, etc.) We've all loved it. However, I think we may have got a little carried away with some of our entries. On monday Brayden wanted to pick something out of the fun jar to do for our FHE activity. Great idea. Except that he picked "have a camp-out". I could have censored it, but instead I decided to go along. I thought it would be great if we all "camped" in the living room, but Brayden was insistent that we sleep outside in the tent. I thought about saying no, but I couldn't really think of a good reason. So we did and had so much fun. We barbecued hamburgers, set up the tent and had a blast! So what if our neighbors think we're crazy. The kids had so much fun!


Melissa said...

Did you really sleep outside? My kids want to do that here... too bad I'm terrified out of my mind and won't let them do it! You are a good mom :)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I am inspired! Way to be spontaneous!

We Are Family! said...

These are great times! One day we put the tent up in our dining room for the boys when they couldn't go on the father son campout (just Gregory and Brandon) and it was fun for them. At least it was then, I don't know what their memories of it are now.
Looks so fun! It gives me a feeling of "home sickness" or ??
Love you all!