Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sea World, Great News and Self-Discovery

Sea World: We decided last minute to go to Sea World on Saturday. The kids had a blast and so did Greg and I. Tawny loved the fish and the sharks. Brayden loved the dolphins and the new playground they have there. Have any of you seen it? It's called the Bay of Play and is really interesting. They have a huge tree house with rope ladders, tunnels, bridges, name it, they have. They also had a water play area which we didn't do this time. But we have year passes so I'm sure we'll be back soon. If anyone wants to make a day of it, let me know. We'd love to go with you. The more the merrier!

Great News: My grandma's surgery went very well. They were able to remove the tumor, but had to also remove a kidney. But they didn't have to remove anything else, which there was a definite possibility of happening. She was able to come home today and seems to be doing great. She was walking around and doing really well. It was a very fast growing tumor. On an x-ray done less than two weeks ago, the tumor was the size of a plum. When they removed it on Wednesday it was the size of a large grapefruit. Her doctor said that usually these types of tumors are the size of a football or a bowling ball by the time they are diagnosed. A BOWLING BALL!! We are so thankful that everything has gone so well up to date, and pray that it will continue to go well.
Self-Discovery: On my last post I made a comment about needing to diet again because I look so large in the picture. But yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans that fit really well and they are a size 6. And it's not just that particular pair of jeans. Everything I tried on in multiple stores were a size 6. That got me thinking; when did my brain start thinking that a size 6 large? I think I may have a distorted view of my weight and what "skinny" really is. And it only applies to me. I don't view or judge others by the same standards. I'm discriminating against myself. Does anyone else do this?


Jason and Kristi Ann said...

What cute kids! We have a year pass to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Washington and our kids love to go. It is a nice outing. I love year passes!
So, I've done the same thing with clothing sizes. I remember being sad to be a size 6. Now I love it when I fit into my 6 jeans. Weight fluctuates so much for me. BTW, I'm Gregory's cousin. Our dads are brothers. I'm Dennis's daughter. Check out our blog:

Melissa said...

Yeah for SeaWorld!! I'm still trying to talk Alan into doing the Disney passes... he's not real excited about the idea.

I'm so glad your grandma is doing well!! Hopefully her recovery will be fast :)

I hear ya on the size thing. I wear an 8. That's not big, but I always wish I was smaller...

BTW - we're going to end up paying almost $800 for those stupid termites... sigh... so I think I'm going to pass on the dress. I was going to call, but we have family here till Thursday and then more family here over the weekend... I figured you'd probably want to order before next week. Maybe another time...