Friday, May 8, 2009

Talking and Reading

Tawny's vocabulary has just exploded recently. Here's a few of my favorites:

"Ap-be-be" (apple juice)
"Hoo-na" (fruit snacks)
"Pe-pe-pe" (please, please, please.. always three times, I don't know why)
"I don know, Not meeee" ( her answer to almost every question I ask her)
"Dilla" (quesadilla or tortilla)
"Moo-mee" (movie)
"Bay-ba" (Brayden)
"I do, I do" (She uses this whenever she really wants something.)

Are you noticing a theme here? The girl loves her food. She's also starting to sing. She does her own little rendition of I am A Child of God that is incredibly cute.

Brayden has also hit a pretty big milestone. Just this last week he's really started reading. We do school time a few times a week, and he loves it. (side note: check out this site for school time ideas. There is some really great stuff here. Thanks Bethanne!) Anyways, he's been sounding out words for a while, but not really putting them together as a story. But this last week, something just clicked, because he's able to not only read the words, but follow the storyline too. Granted, it's almost painfully slow and he still needs help constantly, but I am so proud of him! Because he is so young, I try to let him set the pace of his learning. If he doesn't want to do a reading lesson that day, we'll play a math game instead, or look up something interesting on the internet (usually it's some kind of sea creature). At this age, I think developing a love of learning is one of the most important things he can learn. And he asks the most interesting questions, like where does wind come from? (I was pretty sure I knew that one, but I had to look it up to make sure) I'm rambling, but what I really wanted to say was we are so proud of him. Good job bud!


Melissa said...

It's such a fun thing when they start to read! I loved hearing Tawny talk the other day. She's such a cutie :)

Brandon & Megan said...

We need to plan a weekend where we can come own and visit! We miss you guys and want to see our BEAUTIFUL neice and nephew! Tell Brayden HAPPY BIRTHDAY for us and we will try to get down soon so we can bring him a present! I was thinking a book since he is learning how to read... if not feel free to give us some other ideas but we don't want to be the aunt and uncle that don't bring them cool stuff when we come! We want to be the "fun" ones!