Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week in Pics

This is what happens when Tawny decides she doesn't want to wear diapers anymore. I was on the phone when Brayden same in saying, " mom, Tawny did something bad." This is what I found:I think she knew that she couldn't quite control herself, so she drug her little potty out of the bathroom, put it on the couch, got her snacks and just kept watching her movie. It's not exactly the approach I would take, but to each her own. She actually went through the whole day with only one accident, but we went back to diapers the next day. I don't really think she's ready, and don't feel like pushing it. So until she insists on underwear again, diapers it is.

Greg took Brayden on the Father-Son campout. He was so excited the whole day. I think he was ready by about 10am and they didn't even leave until 4pm.

Ready to head out.

Ready to sleep?


Eating cupcakes on Sunday (it was Mother's Day, and I didn't feel like cooking so this is what she ate for lunch. Way to go Greg!)

After church on Sunday we went over to my parents house. This is my dad playing with Brayden. Quite the slingshot isn't it?

See that car Brayden is on? It's probably their favorite toy. I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to push them around constantly. I'll have to start counting it as my exercise.


Bethanne said...

I love Brayden's smile! And the fact that Tawny would have no problems in being potty training if only she wanted to (just like Jax...but I'm not pushing him either).

BTW, we have a car like that little one and have tried to hide it numerous times to no avail. The kids still gravitate to it!

Melissa said...

So fun! So, is Tawny still potty training herself? I think that's awesome that she got the potty out! I think you're right about taking your time though. You've got plenty of time :)