Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!

Tawny turned two yesterday! I love this little girl so much. Where do I start? Here's just a few things that I just love:

  • She loves to be called princess, to the point where she'll correct you if you call her anything else. ("I not sweetheart. I princess.")
  • She is perpetually happy and sunny. She truly has a joyful disposition. It's so hard to feel down when you're around that all the time
  • She loves to eat. A girl after my own heart.
  • She is outgoing, warm and friendly, almost to a fault. A few weeks ago she walked up to a bum outside of Albertsons, said, "Don't be sad. I like you" and gave him a hug. Not only that, but she gave him her candy I had just bought her. Did I really want her hugging such a dirty man? Absolutely not. But her ability to love everyone is truly inspirational. I hope that is a quality she never loses. (and yes, I gave her a bath the second we got home.)
  • She is such a girly girl; dresses, jewelry, purses, she loves it all. The shinier the better. Anytime I let her pick her own clothes, she picks a dress.
  • She is so adventurous and will try just about everything.
  • She gives the best hugs, which she calls "squeezie hugs". She also loves to give Eskimo kisses (rub noses together)

I could keep going all day. Happy Birthday Tawny. We all love you!

My mom took so many pictures and I had a hard time just picking a few, so this will be a little picture heavy.

Ready to open presents

I wasn't sure she'd know exactly what to do, but I was wrong. No problems here

She had a perpetual smile the entire time. Her face must be sore today ;)

Papa helping feed her new baby. So cute!

Modeling her new accessories

She had to put on her new dress from Grandma Wanda

She loves her tea set!

Birthday cake time. She loved it and spent quite a bit of the day just looking at it.



She was pretty excited about the whole cake thing. We don't eat sweets super often at our house, so it was really a treat for her.

All in all a great day.


Terry & Elaine Hebdon Family said...

Tawny, you are the cutest princess ever!!!!! I'm so glad you like your tea set! We love you!

Melissa said...

So fun!! She is getting so big!! I'm glad you guys had such a great birthday with her!!

Jason and Kristi Ann said...

Fun! We love having a little girl, too. We call ours "Little Lady" or "the package". She is both a lady and a complete package of sugar and spice and everything nice. However, give her a mud puddle and she can't resist. No matter how dressed up she may be.