Monday, May 2, 2011

Family Time

We've been trying to spend more time as a family and do more fun things together. The other day I walked in on Daddy painting Tawny's fingernails and toenails. Don't worry. She said she picked orange so "Daddy didn't have to hold a girly pink color".
My dad cooked ribs and the kids love them. Ever since then if I ask them what they want for dinner they say "pig meat stuck on the bone". Cute, but it seems like just saying "ribs" would be easier. Last weekend we took a little mini vacation to Mesa. We spent pretty much all of Friday at the Children's Museum. The kids loved it

Tawny loved everything that had to do with food. Ice shopping.They all loved the noodle forest, especially daddy. Brayden was too fast to get a picture of.

Brayden's favorite was this magnetic wall. You could rearrange the pieces to make paths for golf balls. He spent forever here.

Painting the castle.Having fun

We also went to a few restaurants, stayed in a hotel (for some reason this is always the coolest part for my kids), went to the Mesa temple, took the kids to a park and had so much fun doing it all!