Tuesday, May 24, 2011


For those of you who don't live in Blythe, recital is a HUGE deal for the community, and even more so for my family since my mom is one of the studio's teachers. This was Brayden and Tawny's first year and they did so incredibly awesome. As their proud mommy, I must say that they were both the best in their classes. (I'm well aware that pretty much all moms think this, but still. One of us has to be right. It might as well be me.)

This was Brayden's 2nd year in tumbling, but his first year performing since we were in Washington last year for recital. Their song was "Are You Ready for some Football?". He did so well and was so focused on his skills and remembering everything. And he loved every second.

For Tawny this was her first year taking any dance class. She did a tap dance with her class to "When I Grow Up", a mix of the original Shirley Temple version and the newer Pussycat Dolls version. It was so cute and she did so well. Because she won her age division in the dance competition she also got to perform her solo dance. She did a tap dance to "Peppermint Twist". I chose this song intentionally because it was the first song I danced to in recital as a little girl. My mom had even saved my costume so she was able to wear it. I had so many people say that it was like they had stepped back in time and they were watching me up on the stage. Man I must have been cute!

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