Friday, September 9, 2011


We've been busy, but I'm not sure with what exactly. I think it's just getting beck into the normal routine of things. Brayden has been enjoying school. He had his back to school night on Wednseday and loved showing us his classroom. He seems to be doing really well and really enjoys his teacher.

I have been trying to spend time with Tawny doing things she enjoys while Brayden is at school. We play playdough, have schooltime, color and other art projects. Her favorite thing is getting a "pedicure" from mommy. She really loves it, and it she's happy, then I'm happy. I keep asking her when she's going to give me my pedicure and she just laughs.
This was her birthday present from me and Greg this year. I took her to the build-a-bear workshop and let her pick everything. She actually picked a cowgirl outfit that is really cute, but she seems to like this matching outfit better.

Last saturday was a great weather day. While Greg and I were working on the sprinklers (more on that later) they decided to sit an "watch the cars go by".
Me and Brayden went on a bike ride together. and yes, he wore his helmet. He just didn't have it on for the picture
Just because they're cute

He loves popsicles! Every time the older kids get one he follows them around begging for tastes until it's gone. I think this is the first one he's eaten all by himself. He was in heaven!

One of my big projects last weekend was reorganizing the playroom. It gets so disorganized that my kids don't play with half their toys because they can't find them. I should have taken a before picture. The difference is huge. Maybe I'll just wait a week and take another pic since that's how long it will take for them to destroy it again. Oh-well. At least I tried.For family home evening we talked about being sons and daughters of a heavenly king. I really want my children to understand that they are children of of Heavenly Father, that He loves us, and that we have a responsibility to try to be like Him. For our activity we made crowns (obviously their favorite part).

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