Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Science Fair

Brayden participated in his first science fair this year. He was really excited to do it. I think he picked at least 10 different projects before we settled on parachutes. We used four different sized parachutes attached to the same object and saw if the size difference caused them to fall slower or faster. At first I thought it might me a little advance for him (gravity, air resistance, drag, etc...) but when I asked him at the the very beginning what he thought would happen he said the bigger parachutes would go slower because they catch more air and the air slows them down. That was good enough for me. He typed most of the board info himself (i formatted it) and he put every single thing on the board by himself. It took all of my self restraint not to straighten some of his letters, but he really did a great job. The judges thought so too. He took 1st place for the first grade. He was so proud to go up and get his ribbon.
Brayden with Mrs Angel his teacher and his friend Gavin. He came straight from baseball practice so excuse the outfit.

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